This high strength double sided Magic Tape has adhesive on both sides to promote excellent adhesion to a broad range of surfaces. It’s great for quick fixes, arts and crafts.  Most people can’t get over the fact that it’s just plain handy too.

Magic Tape has strong stick, great humidity performance, is waterproof, heavy duty, for digital repair, it has high peel strength, high initial adhesion and adhesive strength.

High Strength Double Sided Tape and Easy Peel Off When Needed!

The Magic Tape is double-coated tape adheres and conforms to a variety of surfaces. It is a strong sticky tape with high initial adhesion and adhesive strength. It has no foam layer, just the clear adhesive and the red backing to conforms to many applications.

Beside from the fact that it sticks easily and high strength, it’s also so easy to peel off when not needed anymore. It won’t leave any adhesion marks or stains too.

Magic Tape

Safe to Use on Anywhere and Anything

The Magic Tape is made of Acrylic, environmental protection raw material, completely safe for everyone, including kids and pets. It is non-irritant to skin, so it’s safe to always hand touch it and feel how sticky it is.

It works great on walls, furnitures, practically anything in the house. It won’t cause any damage on your precious belongings, won’t peel off your wall or furniture finishes and won’t leave any marks.

Wide Application From Indoor to Anywhere will You Be!

You can use the Magic Tape for cars, fixed driving recorder, navigator, auto accessories, home, bathroom and kitchen, mobile phone stents, phone LCD panel display, frameless picture frame, rubber pads, doorplate etc; For office, billboard, advertising, photo wall etc; In acrylic, glass, tile and so on smooth surface performance is particularly outstanding.

Each roll of Magic Tape is 3 meters long to cover all your adhesion needs. You can choose between 15mm and 30mm width.

Magic Tape

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