Free Emoji Sequin Pillow

Take a millennial turn with this fun-loving Emoji Sequin Pillow. Change the expression on the pillow by simply rubbing the sequins up or down!

This Emoji Sequin Pillow is fashioned from high-quality flannel, for a soft rest every night. 40cm x 40 cm in size for a comfortable head fit.

Two Faces In One Emoji Sequin Pillow

The sequins on this Emoji Pillow allow one to change the expression on the emoji simply by stroking up or down. Have fun watching a calm, emotionless face suddenly stick its tongue out!

This Emoji Sequin Pillow will be a hit with friends and great for use at parties. Its luxurious touch also makes it ideal for use as a real pillow for sleeping.

This product has proven quite popular on social media, so be sure and snag your free emoji pillow now! Supplies are limited.

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