Eye iPhone Case – Turns Your iPhone Into An Android

Eye iPhone Case gives your phone life by adding an Android screen on the back of your iPhone. Choosing a phone is always a hard decision for most people and 95% of the time it comes down to either iPhone or Android.  Why not have both?

The case itself is slim and fits snug on your iPhone.  If you’re thinking it will be a giant bulge in your pocket, think again.  It’s extremely portable and can fit straight into your pocket.

Eye iPhone Case and the history behind it

Many users have wanted specific features on Android to be on iPhone, but never got their request granted.  Now, on Kickstarter, a new revolutionary case is taking flight and has become a charming viral invention.

The creators of it are willing to share this product with the world as long as you back their project.  Check out their video to get a better grasp of what it is:


Eye iPhone Case runs just as smooth as any other Android device

Check out how the inventors browses on his Android device.  The interface looks smooth and comparable to a lot of other Android Devices.


If you’re worried about the bulky-ness of the case, don’t be.  It looks extremely slim and is no larger than other external battery cases.  It may even be able to compete with some of those Otterbox larger iPhone cases:


It also has built in wireless charging and a magnet, so it can still work with all your other iPhone accessories.  This product is truly perfect for your iPhone and will not hinder anything you have had in place before.


Eye iPhone Case Featured

Check out some of the features listed about this product:

  • Native call recording.
  • Real file explorer.
  • Recognition of unknown numbers (with apps like Truecaller).
  • Moving files freely between your computer and handset (just drag and drop).
  • Full customization of OS colors, icons, home and lock screen and much more.
  • Enjoy real multitasking—back up all kind of files to the cloud on the background with 3rd party apps (e.g., Google Photos). Send large files to friends trough IM apps without the need to stay in the application for the transfer.
  • Android exclusive apps including:
  • – Casper (save snaps on Snapchat, among other Snapchat hacks).
    – OGInsta+ (Instagram hacks and tweaks like download and save a photo or a video directly to your photo library).
    – Popcorn Time, Kodi, Showbox, SopCast and TV Portal.
    – Tasker.
    – Screen recording.
    – TubeMate, FireTube and Floating Tube.
    – Amazon Underground.
    – NFC Tools.
    – You can even install and play the original Flappy Bird!
  • Root the Eye for even more possibilities.

Eye iPhone Case Features



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