EZSTAX Clothing Organization System

EZSTAX Clothing Organization System is the perfect tool to help get your closets organized.  It also keeps your clothing clear from wrinkles and allows you to get any shirt in your stack without disrupting any others.

It’s extremely affordable which means it’s a small price to pay for complete clothing organization.  Your closet will never look the same after this.

The EZSTAX makes it easy to sort and organize your clothing

The EZSTAX stack on each other creating a small space in between them which allow you to put an article of clothing.  It’s the perfect size to fit most clothing as they are stackable so thickness of your shirts of clothing shouldn’t be too big of an issue.

When you’re ready to decide on a shirt all you have to do is lift the stack up, exposing the shirt to check it out.  Then when you pick one you just have to lift up the stack and pull the shirt out.  None of the other shirts are touched.
EZSTAX filing clothes

The EZSTAX can also be used for traveling

When you have to stuff a brief case full of clothing, sometimes it gets messy and it’s hard to keep it all clean.  The EZSTAX fit right into a brief case, giving it a nice clean look and also allows you to fit more clothing.

EZSTAX stack clothing


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