Force Field Cloak: Defeat Your Child’s Fear Of The Dark

Defeat your child’s fear of the dark with the Force Field Cloak. The stunning glow-in-the-dark patterns on this blanket will comfort them for up to 8 hours of rest or fun!

Force Field Cloak Fights Night Monsters With Dazzling Patterns

Each cloak comes with its own unique glow-in-the-dark design. They look great in the light, but turn off the lights and watch their magic unfold.

These blankets are perfect for sleeping, but are just as fun to play with. Kids will love wrapping their bodies around them as a wizard’s cloak, or using them as colorful glowing tents.

These force field cloaks use organic, non-toxic glow-in-the-dark ink which make them 100% safe for your children. Caring for the cloak is easy: cold-water wash, tumble dry, and you’re done.

Children can even make designs on the cloak using flashlights or stencils, or lie on them to make a silhouette of themselves. Endless fun, and no more monsters–meaning no more nights spent in bed with mom and dad!

$39.99 $36.00

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