Fur Wizard Lint And Hair Remover

The Fur Wizard magically wipes up lint and hair from your furniture for a quick, effortless clean.  Replace cumbersome tape rollers and vacuum cleaners with a single lightweight brush.

Fur Wizard Instantly Wipes Off Dirt And Dander

The Fur Wizard uses a fine micro-bristle construction to wipe off any lint or pet hair from couches, chairs, clothes, staircases, and more. Simply swipe over, and you’re done!

The brush is two-sided, for fast pickup of large messes. When done, simply dip inside of its self-cleaning holder for instant reuse, and then empty the holder in the trash.

Tape rollers are cumbersome, and you can spend three times as long cleaning a couch with them as you would the Fur Wizard. Never have to drag a heavy vacuum up the stairs again when a simple wipe of each stair with this brush gets the job done.

A lifesaver for those with pets, with no refills required. Supplies are limited, so get yours today!

$59.99 $29.99

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