This Handpresso Wild Hybrid was literally invented for the inner-coffee lover in you! It may be small and compact but it still packs a flavorful cup of HOT expresso!

Handpresso Wild Hybrid is taking the major Coffee chains by storm!

Unlike many other DIY coffee maker/machines. The Handpresso Wild Hybrid allows you to use your own favorite coffee grinds! No more settling for just any coffee flavor, you deserve the best for being the best!


The Handpresso Wild Hybrid is super easy to use! Simply add the coffee grounds of your choice, add hot water and voila! Just like that, you have a nice-hot glass of freshly brewed Expresso!

Handpresso Wild Hybrid to the mid-day crash rescue!

We’ve all been there, it’s 3pm and we’ve had a SUPER long day at the office. To your luck, the coffee machine has been broken all day thanks to Jeff…Well have no fear, Handpresso Wild Hybrid to the rescue. Small and compact enough to fit right in your desk cabinet!


To put into simpler terms. This Handpresso Wild Hybrid won’t make you that Grande Mocha Java Chip-Extra Sugar-Light Whip Cream Latte….But then again, this is for the TRUE coffee enthusiasts! If you love coffee, you absolutely need this Handpresso Wild Hybrid in your arsenal!


$129.99 $74.99

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