Handy Humidifier Provides Moisture Relief

This Handy Humidifier does just that: humidify any room to your specific needs. Prevent dryness and experience the benefits that come with added moisture.

Handy Humidifier Works Quietly And Efficiently

This humidifier is perfect for offices, bedrooms, and just about any room that needs extra humidity. Simply plug in, turn on, and breathe in soothing moisture.

Humidity is known to counteract dryness that can cause irritation in many parts of the body. It can also ease several of the symptoms caused by colds and flu.

This handy humidifier has a large water tank capacity, allowing it to provide relief for long periods of time. In addition, ts ultra-quiet action will also prevent distractions while you work or sleep.

Humidifier 2

This humidifier is also USB powered and features a cute bird design. You’ll be feeling its effects within minutes!

$41.99 $24.99

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