HP Sprocket – Mobile Bluetooth Inkless Printer

The HP Sprocket is the ultimate mobile printer that prints directly from your mobile device.  The biggest innovation here is the fact that it is inkless as well.

Printers have been used less and less these days, but every now and then you want to print photo of you and your family.  This little mini printer prints a perfect high quality photo and it uses zero ink.

hp sprocket

The HP Sprocket is extremely mobile friendly

It can connect with any mobile device via bluetooth and it has Android and iPhone apps to help you decorate and print your photos.  Anyone can connect and share the fun.

The size is another mobile aspect of it as it’s 4.53 x 2.95 x 0.87 inches.  It’s so small it fits right into a purse, your back pocket, a backpack, or pretty much anywhere.

hp sprocket hand
hp sprocket featured

HP Sprocket also comes with a rechargeable battery

Of course this would not be complete without a rechargeable battery to take this on the go.  Wires are always a mess and everything is better when you don’t have to plug it into a wall.

hp sprocket port





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