Human Headphones: A New Technology for Music

There are so many new headphone technology put there but the Human Headphones is perhaps the best one of them. With the ultra good fit of this one, the Human Headphone is definitely one that makes all the difference and is a good gift for everyone.

If you want to make sure that you will have a good time walking down the street and getting down to brass tax with music on your head, then this one is definitely a good fit. The Human Headphones is one heck of a technological activity that any person would love. 

The Good Thing About The Human Headphones

There is something good about this new technology that every person would love to experience. It feels like all of the good things about the good headphones and good music speakers all come together to make something out of it. 

This one is definitely one for the books and if you want to make sure that it is a good fit for you, you should give this one a try and make sure that you will be happy about it. 

The Features Of The Headphones

Human Headphones are amazing

This one has a lot of features that make it a good source of technological fact. The following are the features:

  • It comes with intuitive controls. This control allows the individual user to use intuitive touch and voice controls to let you have a seamless audio experience.
  • It comes with dual 280mAh Batteries. This fact means that it can be used up to 9 hours of continuous life. That is, on a single full charge even if you are using it on speaker mode.
  • Beamforming Microphones. You can triangulate your voice. This part makes sure that you use the noise around you for a call quality that is superior.
  • It also comes with dual dynamic drivers which makes it a good kind of experience. It has a 30mm dynamic drivers for headphones and there are also four speakers combine to create 2.2 sound system.
  • The system also has an extended wireless range which is supported by bluetooth architecture. 

Surprisingly, there is also a translation mode which can translate up to 11 languages in a headphones mode.

If you are looking for headphones that will allow you to enjoy life as it is, you will definitely enjoy what this one has to bring. A new revolutionary way to deal with your music needs.

$399 $259

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