Woojer Edge: Feel The Sound Of Technology

Woojer Edge will make you feel the sound of technology. It will help any person get the right level of music while you are gaming or watching a movie. It is a fantastic new source of sound that you would love. 

The user will feel the sensation that will bring you fun and excitement of the sound. Read on this review to find out more about the product. 

Woojer Edge Is The Feel of Tomorrow

Woojer Edge

People can forget about the sound of tomorrow. They can feel the sound of tomorrow at this very moment with the Woojer Edge, the best gift for all

If you are interested, the following are some of the things that you should know about this offer:

It comes with a vest. The vest is also known as the Vest Edge. As part of the package, the vest gives the user 360 degrees of immersion. This level of immersion cannot be found anywhere else. The goal is to deliver accurate and detailed sensations to make sure that the pulse of the user will raise. 

Woojer Edge

For the user experience, this part offers an out-of-the-box stereo haptics. This makes the technology the perfect companion for activities that require a lot of music and sounds.

If you are interested, you will be glad to know that the vest comes with the following:

  • It is six times patented. This patent level gives the product a very powerful, polyphonic & silent Osci TRX52 haptic transducer.
  • It is made up of stereo haptic transducers array which comes in on all sides.
  • There is also a Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that is at 3350 milliamps per hour and 14.5 volts.

There is also a strap edge on the package that allows you to complete the immersive experience. It charges for around three hours but it can be used for three hours. Usage depends on the level of play that you put into the item. To save energy, it comes with an automatic power off as well.

The App

Woojer Edge

For the really techie users, the Woojer’s Haptic metronome app will help you work on your right rhythm and tempo.

It is an exciting experience and feel like no other. You can feel the full complement that it brings with the technology that it has to offer. Try out this legit gift and find what you may have been missing your whole life.



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