Human Wash Machine – Bath Time of the Future

When I was a kid, I’d dream about a futuristic world full of flying cars and talking robots. One thing I remember from my daydreams is a machine that could bathe me. I bet we’re all too familiar with the hassle of getting ready for school in the morning. With that machine, all I’d have to do is step in, press a button, and I’d be good to go. To my surprise, the Human Wash Machine is real!

Invented by Matti Paaso from Finland, this patented machine is like a car wash for humans. The moving scrubber will spruce you up and let you take a bath without doing much. Here are a few reasons why Human Wash Machine is a great invention.

Bathe without assistance using Human Wash Machine

Not everybody can wash with ease. You might be elderly or disabled with mobility issues such as difficulty bending. Or, you might be an athlete who recently got injured or have sore muscles. Thus you can’t move around much.

Hiring a full-time caregiver and nurse is expensive. Plus, having somebody else bathe you can be embarrassing. You don’t have have to worry about that because Human Wash Machine will do everything for you.

Human Wash Machine compare


Human Wash Machine is user-friendly

No-fuss installation lets you mount it next to the shower you already have. It’s also easy to use with large buttons to control the scrubber readily accessible at the front panel. These buttons make the scrubber move up, move down, stay in place, start turning and stop turning. All of the controls are clearly labeled so you won’t be confused.

There’s an automation feature, so you don’t have to keep pressing buttons to control the device. If the scrubber reaches the bottom, it will automatically go up, and the reverse. Plus, you can even adjust the temperature and water pressure all in one device!

human wash machine buttons


Are you taking care of grandparents who have a hard time bathing on their own? Or maybe you are young and active, and frequently get injured because of sports? Then the Human Wash Machine is something you need in your bathroom today.

human wash machine  hair


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