Lave Ton Dos – The Revolutionary Back Washing System

If you are like me, you probably love the look and feel of smooth, clean skin. One great way you can keep your skin soft, and dirt-free is by exfoliating regularly and washing it properly. I would love to be able to scrub every inch of me, but some parts of our body are easy to miss. The back is a particular part that always gives me trouble during bath time. Lucky for us, we have the Lave Ton Dos to help!

Lave Ton Dos means “Love your back,” and that is what it does. Washing backs can be a challenge. Whether you have chronic back pain, difficulty reaching, lack of mobility, or you aren’t that motivated, the Lave Ton Dos will do the work for you.

Lave Ton Dos helps you wash your back

With the Lave Ton Dos installed in your bathroom, you don’t have to stretch and reach uncomfortably to reach those stubborn spots in your back. The backwash system is shaped and sized mainly to give you an all-over clean. Just pull the lever back and forth, and your back will be fresh in no time at all.

lave ton dos use

Install and use the Lave Ton Dos with ease

You don’t need to call a technician for this job. It’s so effortless to install; you can do it yourself. Plus, you can fold it away for storage if you aren’t using it. I doubt that would happen though because you would want to use it for every bath after the first time.

Aside from installing it trouble-free, it’s not difficult to use either. Even if you’re injured or elderly, all you need is a minimal movement to enjoy using this fun gadget.

lave ton dos install

Form and function come together in the Lave Ton Dos

We want our bathrooms to look great, so why would anybody want an ugly machine inside it? You don’t have to worry. The Lave Ton Dos is stylishly designed using stainless steel. The material not only looks great, but it also means the backwash system is very durable and simple to clean. You can keep your back clean and exfoliated for years to come.

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