Pongtu – Korean Plastic Plunger of the Future

Bathroom breaks are a blessing, whether you are at work or at home. Personally, I spend way too much time in the bathroom – it’s my haven. But you know what the worst thing that could happen while you’re in the loo is? A clogged toilet! I don’t know what’s worse, the stuff that’s clogging the toilet or using a plunger. The whole thing is a nightmare, but Pongtu fixes all of that.

What if I said you could unclog toilets without using a plunger? It might sound impossible, but that’s what the Pongtu does. Here’s how.

Pongtu unclogs toilets quickly

Who says the only great thing about South Korea is K-pop? Korean inventors devised an ingenious alternative to plungers called Pongtu. This device is a plastic covering with a very airtight seal. It’s durable so that it won’t break easily. Plus, it’s super sticky, so you’re sure it will stay on.

All you need to do is wipe the toilet seat, place the sticker plunger on, and peel away the adhesive backing. With a few quick pushes in the middle of the plastic, the applied pressure will force the mess in your toilet down the pipe fast.

pongtu use

Mess-free unclogging with Pongtu

When you need to use a plunger, you have to apply force. Unfortunately, the more power you apply, the more the contents of your toilet will splash around. You don’t want that getting on you, right?

This innovative device completely seals over your bowl, so there is no unwanted backsplash. You get to remove whatever is blocking your toilet while making minimal contact.

pongtu cover

Throw and go with Pongtu

I think one of the most unpleasant things about using a plunger is cleaning it afterward. Unlike ordinary plungers, Pongtu is disposable. Once you’re done using it, peel it off and throw it away!

The South Koreans are definitely on to something. After seeing how effective the Pongtu is, I’m never using plungers again.

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