Polder Style Station

Polder Style Station is the ideal storage solution for keeping hair styling tools neat, safe, and clutter-free. It stores hair styling supplies in one, convenient location. Three individual compartments are sized to fit most hair styling tools including dryers, curling irons, straighteners, and brushes.

Polder Style Station is the Perfect Storage and Organizer for Your Hair Styling Tools!

Polder Style Station features 3 oversized openings fit most styling tools: hair dryers,curling irons, straighteners, brushes and more. The center hole is 3 inches in diameter for your blow dryer and the side holes are 2 inches in diameter for your curl iron, straightener iron and hair brush.

Polder Style Station is also designed for safely cooling down and storage of styling tools. Its stainless steel mesh pockets increases airflow and the high-heat resistant silicone inner base allows hot items to safely cool when stored.

Polder Style Station

Polder Style Station is Versatile

The lightweight and balanced design keeps Polder Style Station within reach when hung from a towel bar or mounted on a wall. It can also let stands on the counter and its aesthetically pleasing design blends perfectly into any décor. Plus, it has rear cord pocket that hides unsightly and tangled cords out-of-the-way.

Polder Style Station can also sits in drawer or stores in cabinet with its wide and stable base keeps it upright and easy-to-grab.

Polder Style Station

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