Intelligent Waste Titan Trash Can Compactor

Titan is no ordinary trash unit. It features a patented, hygienic compaction system that enables it to reduce trash volume by 66% after compaction. Because Titan compacts your waste, it doesn’t need to be emptied as often, which in turn reduces the amount of liners you use and the how often you need to take out the trash.
With its push down handle, it lets you push down trash and compact them without touching any waste.

Titan Trash Can Compactor is an innovative trash can with a hygienic compaction system that reduces trash after compaction. Titan’s patented compaction system enables it to hold up to three times more waste than a similar sized household trash can.

Hygienic, Mess-Free and Odor Control

Titan features an integrated odor filter compartment inside its lid, which holds replaceable carbon filters, available for purchase. With its patented design ensures only the inside of the trash bag touches the trash while compacting, leaving you with clean hands and a clean bin.

Titan’s anti-tear design won’t stretch or pinch the liner. Titan is compatible with standard trash bags, but custom-fit liners are also available. A handy lid-stay feature ensures liner changes are quick and hassle-free, and it also includes a handle on the reverse to make moving easy.

Intelligent Waste Titan Trash Can Compactor

Elegant Design that Built to Last

Titan Trash Can Compactor is made from fingerprint-proof stainless steel which offers elegant design to your home.

Titan’s compaction system and strong steel foot pedal have been tested over 100,000 times and are engineered to withstand many years of service. We’re so confident in Titan’s enduring quality.

Intelligent Waste Titan Trash Can Compactor


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