With people seeming to live in smaller and smaller apartments, especially in New York, Hong Kong, Japan, etc, we’re going to start to need more and more furniture that transforms with dual-purpose and to save space.

This unique Murphy Cabinet Bed transforms from a stand-up cabinet into a queen-size bed in mere seconds. It saves a ton of space when in cabinet form, yet a nice spacious comfy bed when laid out.

Convert From Cabinet Into Queen-Size Bed in Just 45 Seconds!

To transform it from a cabinet to bed is super easy, and takes just a few seconds. Just pull out the bottom base to where the end of the bed will reach, release the latches on the side of the cabinet, pull out the extension from the bottom, fold down the front face of the cabinet, and pull it over once more to fully form the base of the bed. You can then slide out the mattress and push in the end of the bed to fully form the Murphy bed.

To put the bed back into cabinet form, simply fold up the mattress and slide it back into the cabinet base, fold the cabinet face back up and push it back into the base while latching it up, then slide the extender and extra piece at the end of the bed back into the base.

Murphy Beds

Murphy Bed Added Features

The Murphy Cabinet Bed is made from Cherry wood, along with a Queen gel memory foam mattress and has a 10 year warranty.  You can have a TV placed on the top of the bed without having to move it when you transform it into a bed or transform it back to into cabinet. The bed even features a charging station that allows you to plug in your electronics right on the side of the bed.

Murphy Bed can be placed under a window, and can easily be moved around the room. It’s also a perfect instant guest bed.

Murphy Beds

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