There’s nothing worse than doing laundry and trying to match up your socks! Remember when sock-matching meant dumping your socks on the bed, spreading them out, searching for pairs, and then rolling them up by hand? Well, now you don’t have to dread laundry day anymore; Sock Sync is here to help!

This handy little invention helps you organize and fold your socks. It attaches right to an included laundry basket and features a bunch of different sock organizing stations around the perimeter. You can then quickly find, match, and fold your socks by pushing it through the hole, and into your basket.

Sonic Sock is So Easy to Use!

The Sock Sync as so it’s called comes with a spinning top and a connected laundry basket. To use it, just place the first sock you find over an opening on the sorter, then once you find the matching sock, just fold it over the first and push it through the hole. Your socks will then fall perfectly folded into the center of the laundry basket.

The spinning sock sorter contains 8 sock matching stations, and are designed to perfectly fit and fold a pair of socks. It makes folding and sorting socks quick and easy, and it’s actually fun to use! Once you’re done and all your socks are sorted, you’ll be left with a laundry basket that’s filled with fully sorted and perfectly folded socks that you can dump right into your sock drawer

Sock Sync

Ergonomic Smart Design

Sock Sync is lightweight and ergonomically designed to perfectly fit into your laundry day routine. It features a combination of a laundry basket and a spinning top. Sock Sync is designed to perfectly fold a pair of socks and positioned to drop them right into the basket.

The Sock Sync Spinner is removable. Once you’re done matching the socks, you can take it off and use the basket as a traditional laundry container or to store the folded socks in.

Sock Sync


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