Jul Heated Smart Mug for Coffee & Tea

The Jul Heated Smart Mug is the perfect cup for keeping your coffee or tea at the perfect temperature throughout the entire day.  Have the perfect temperature cup to create the perfect sip whenever you want it.

It’s very easy to use and adjust to set the perfect temperature for your liking.  You can set the temperature by just twisting the bottom.

Jul Heated Smart Mug bottom twist

Jul Heated Smart Mug how it works

Jul Heated Smart Mug temperature control

The Jul Heated Smart Mug is a genius idea that should have happened years ago

It comes with a cool coaster charging pad that you can rest your cup on that keeps it charged up.  The coaster plugs into any USB port making it perfect to charge next to your laptop or computer.

Jul Heated Smart Mug car coaster

Jul Heated Smart Mug coaster


Even the lid for the cup is pretty innovative and cool.  There are three modes to the lid and each are very useful to your daily motion of drinking coffee or tea.

The first option is “Vent” which is a nice wide an open hole that lets your drink cool or for you to refill.  It’s the widest hole on the lid

The second option is “Sip” and this option is the smallest hole, but perfect to sip the coffee on.  It lets out the right amount for tasting pleasure.

The third option is the “Seal” which shuts the coffee cup sealed and keeps your drink warm.  It also activates the warmer and lets you transport your drink safely.

Jul Heated Smart Mug lid control

The cup is broken down into just three pieces, making it simple and easy to use.

Jul Heated Smart Mug breakdown

Using the Jul Heated Smart Mug is super easy

Setup your cup by pouring in your liquid and adjusting the temperature.  After that, set the mug on the coaster and wait for the light to white, that means it’s ready to drink.
Jul Heated Smart Mug how it works steps

The size and shape of the cup makes it the perfect on-the-go companion and also makes it practical for daily life.  Charging your cup next to your computer or in your car is the perfect application for this.

Jul Heated Smart Mug uses


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