LED Turn Signal Vest

This LED turn signal vest will keep you safe on the road, whether running or biking. A small LED indicator light on the back sends a clear signal to those behind you.

LED Turn Signal Vest Is Lightweight

This turn signal vest is a lightweight, 25×25 cm vest constructed from nylon material. You can either wear it as a vest or clip it directly onto your backpack.

This vest provides a number of signals to alert drivers on the road what you’re about to do: move forward, left, right, or stop.

A small remote with rechargeable battery attaches to your handle bar or wherever is convenient. The remote operating distance is 3m.

This LED turn signal vest is fully waterproof and will keep you protected both day and night. You’ll find it an indispensable addition to any run or bike ride.

$199.99 $59.99

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