Norshire Mini Tire Inflator: The World’s Smallest Inflator

The world is fast moving from big items to smaller items, one of these items is the Norshire Mini Tire Inflator. Everything is being built with the smallest possible dimensions, even tire inflators like this one.

If you are looking for the smallest and most portable tire inflator or portable air compressor in the world, you can try out the Norshire Mini Tire Inflator. 

The Specifications of the Norshire Mini Tire Inflator

This product is not yet in its final form but it is definitely going to be a winner in the eyes of motorists and individuals who use tires every single day of their lives.

Norshire Mini Tire Inflator Demo

Does being small come with small specifications as well? Not necessarily, the Norshire Mini Tire Inflator is one packed with features and benefits that buying it is perhaps one of the best ideas that a car owner can have.

The following are the features, specifications, and benefits of the product:

It has two versions.

It comes with a batteryless version and a battery version. Both of the versions are useful and comes with their own benefits. 

Of course, the buyer can purchase either version, it depends on your preference.

Size of Norshire Mini Tire Inflator

It is super compact.

The tire inflator is super compact that it looks like a flashlight. This product is only 156mm in size  or 6 inches for the batteryless version and it comes in 208mm or 8.2in in its battery version length and 40mm or 1.6in in diameter. 

As it is super small that it can fit in your glove compartment or in a special area on your bike. It will not to eat up a lot of space on your car or bicycle.

The system maximizes the modern smart system.

On top of the size factor, the mechanism maximizes modern smart systems. The mechanism uses a powerful cooling fan that ventilates 50Lof air per minute. After the process of ventilation, there is an aluminum alloy air cylinder with cooling fins.

Smart Mechanism Norshire Mini Tire Inflator

It comes with a a built-in microcomputer. The mechanism has high voltage alerts, overheating alerts, and even a built in buzzer. 

It has a sleek design.

Finally, the design comes with a modern touch. There are no buttons and it uses a 0.91 inch, a 128 by 32 resolution OLED display with capacitive touch, much like most of the smarter design tools. The display flashes a display of words for easy use.

The Norshire Mini Tire Inflator: Tomorrow’s Best Inflator

This tool is already a big hit. People would say goodbye to bulky tire inflators and move on to this sleek new gadget. This is comparable to all other modern car tools.

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