The Luna display will turn your iPad into a second monitor screen with outstanding visual fidelity. Works with any existing wi-fi as a rapid and efficient wireless connector.

Luna Display Offers Stunning Image Resolution

The Luna Display works differently from other software programs that perform the same task. It utilizes the full power of your graphics card to give you the highest possible image quality.

If wi-fi is not available, you can connect through USB. Your Mac turns into a touchable device, with a screen that can be pinched, tapped, and panned as you control it from your iPad.

Luna’s unique design, with its crystal-like geometric structure, adds an artistic quality to the usual Apple setup. As pleasing aesthetically as it is in function.

The Luna Display was also designed to be fully compatible with Astropad, a new award-winning drawing software. Expand your creative horizons in ways you never thought possible!


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