Mini Squeeze Squishy Animals Can Stick Anywhere

Take a look at these outrageous squishy animals!  Use them as a phone accessory or stick them anywhere for a silly, fun time.

Squishy Animals For Stress Relief

These cute little squishy animals can be squeezed, stretched, and squished for instant stress relief. Get a kick out of the weird shapes you can make with their faces as you play with them.

14 Different Squishy Animal Designs

These animals come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and animal forms for any taste. Pick from 14 different animal designs.

The adhesive on the back of each animal is strong enough to stick anywhere you want. Use as a phone accessory, or stick to refrigerators, backpacks, walls, notebooks and more.

These animal forms will delight children and adults of all ages.  Brighten your day and relieve your stress with these squishy little delights.

$24.99 $11.99

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