Moon Light Is A Soothing Addition To A Child’s Bedroom

This Moon Light makes a beautiful nightlight for your child’s bedroom or any room in the house. It emits a soft, relaxing glow that will instantly soothe.

Moon Light Is Fully Rechargeable

This moon light has been lovingly crafted to look like the moon. It even has craters and pockmarks along its surface to mimic the surface of the moon.

This light is a perfect addition to a child’s bedroom. Kids who are afraid of the dark will also be soothed by its graceful soft glow.

This nightlight is perfect for adults too, and can also fit into home offices, bathrooms, and other bedrooms in the house. In addition, t’s fully rechargeable for endless light.

Moon 2

This light comes in various sizes to suit your needs. Order this uncommonly gorgeous light and bring the moon’s ethereal beauty right into your home.

$99.99 $44.99

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