Black Magic Tire Glitter For A Silvery Custom Look

This Black Magic tire glitter will lend a touch of sparkle to your wheels. Give your ride a festive custom look that will attract lots of attention!

Black Magic Tire Glitter

TIRE GLITTER 😍✨ Yes or no?Get it here 👉

Posted by Legit Gifts on Wednesday, March 21, 2018



Black Magic Tire Glitter Lasts For Weeks

Looking for a fresh new way to spice up your vehicle? This silver spray is very simple to apply on your tires and will last for weeks.



The silvery glitter will give your tires a unique shine that will leave onlookers dazzled. In addition, it will not harm your tires and and can be removed easily with Bleche-White tire cleaner (not included).

Glitter 2

An easy to use applicator is included in this set. The glitter will also stay on, even in the rain, until it fades within a few weeks.

Your car will get a new lease on life, and you will feel like a glitter king or princess driving along the road! This product is blowing up on social media, so order while supplies last.



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