OmieBox is the first leakproof bento box for kids that stores hot and cold food together, so parents can pack healthy school lunches. This unique bento box with thermos can keep lunch warm for up to four hours.

There’s nothing simple about a child’s lunch. Which is exactly why this bento lunch box was designed that protects all of that hard work and love that mom and dad put in.

A Whole New Way To Pack School Lunch

OmieBox is a thermos bento box for kids that has two types of insulation so you can pack hot and cold food together. It features a built-in thermos for food that keeps hot foods warm until lunchtime.

The thermos is made of 18/8 stainless steel and vacuum insulated. The food container has divided compartments that are double walled, thermal insulated and leakproof, so cool items like fruits stay fresh.

Packing a sandwich in your kid’s lunch box? No problem – just take out the soup thermos and the space below fits a sandwich perfectly. Use the removable divider to create additional compartments.This thermal lunch box for hot or cold food will keep everything at the right temperature.


Smart Features Make Lunchtime Easy and Fun for Kids

Lids can be tricky for kids so it’s designed with an easy to open lid. It also made sure the food thermos is shallow with a wide mouth, so kids can scoop food out easily. The insulated bento box is also shallow with rounded corners.

The divided bento compartments are leak-proof and keep food items separate and yummy! Foods will not mix and neither will juices run from one compartment into the other. Kids only need to flip open the hinged bento box lid and lunch is available to them right away. There’s no setup or cleanup.



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