Phone Cradle – The World’s Best Car Phone Holder

Driving while using your mobile devices can be distracting and dangerous. For this reason, phone holders are a common accessory to cars. But not all phone holders are made equal. Some are bulky, some are not so flexible, and some are just plain ugly. The Phone Cradle solves all these problems!

Designed to be compact, Phone Cradle is very sleek. When not in use, it’s only 27.5 mm x 120 mm in size. It takes up minimal space in our car’s AC vents, making it is very unobtrusive. Plus, the mounting experience is stable and efficient. Just attach the Phone Cradle, mount your device, and you’re good to go.

Maximum Security and Versatility with the Phone Cradle

You may wonder how this tiny device does the job given its minimal build. Equipped with the latest technology, this cradle has perfected its slide-in mechanism. The four silicone arms that hold our cellular phones glide very smoothly and easily. Thus, the cradle adapts well to the weight and dimension of our phones.

It delivers customized and perfect hold for all phones regardless of size, weight, brand or model. Besides its stretchy arms fittingly grip our phones, this cradle makes use of its adaptable bracket to hold the back of our phone for added security and protection.

Phone Cradle is Revolutionary Efficiency At Its Finest

Superior protection is assured because the Phone Cradle uses premium materials. Its claws are crafted from premium high-grade silicone, a material that neutralizes friction and absorbs shock minimizing wear and tear and additional damages to our phones.

Plus, the springs installed in the cradle provide a pneumatic-shock protection mechanism that gives all-out security our phones. The cradle absorbs all shocks while its silicone claws automatically adjust its hold. No matter how bumpy the road, our cellular phones are securely and efficiently mounted.

The Versatile Phone Cradle

Its engineered clip is designed with a ball and socket mechanism that lets us easily adjust, tighten and loosen the fit of the cradle. This mechanism facilitates flexible steering adjustment that allows a 360° movement of our phone without compromising its secured hold and grip. Portrait, landscape, or whatever position you need your phone to be in, this cradle can be swiveled in any direction to give you the ultimate viewing experience that you need.

It is also efficiently designed so as to not hinder any other functions of our phones. Charger ports and earphones jacks are never covered by the cradle’s claws. Plus, these silicone claws are also engineered to fit perfectly without compromising huge space in our phone’s screen for unlimited viewing experience.

The Phone Cradle is a great buy, given its durability, efficiency, and applicability.

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