Scratch Map Lets You See Where You’ve Been

This delightful scratch map will keep track of all the places you’ve visited. Simply scratch off the countries you’ve been to and change the map as you travel!

Scratch Map Looks Great On Any Wall

This scratch map looks beautiful, with a gold-and-black finish that looks superb hanging from any wall. Any time you visit a country, simply scratch it off on the map to mark a memento of your travels.

There are extra features on the map including lakes, continents, mountain ranges and more. It’s an accurate and detailed map of our planet from which you can plan further adventures.

The map also comes with a tube you can store and protect it in. Carry it with you as you go!

This map is perfect for those who are heavy travelers, but can also be used by those who just want a beautiful new map to hang on their wall.

Scratch 3

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