Piggyback Rider Carrier

Your kid is too lazy to walk, you’ve fed him/her too many cheeseburgers, why would he/she ever walk anywhere knowing that you have a harness attached to your back specifically meant to haul his/her chubby body around.

The Piggyback Rider Carrier is a harness that you strap on to your back so that it’s easier for you to give your fat child a piggy back.

Safe Way to Carry your Child Piggyback Style!

Piggyback Rider Carrier utilizes a shoulder mounted foot bar to distribute the child’s weight (up to 50 lbs.) at your core and for stability, which enables a natural upright walking posture.  The child stands firmly on the wide foot bar, holding integrated grab handles and secured by safety tethers.

Designed for the child adventurer. Your kids will love the height advantage at the zoo, park, country day hike, or any family event. By simply detaching the safety harness, your boy or girl can hop on-and-off the carrier and run the trails beside you.

Piggyback Rider Carrier

Ditch the Stroller, Kids Wagon, Harnesses and Leashes!

Weighing less than 3lbs, it’s ergonomic and as comfortable as your favorite day pack, indoors and outdoors. When not in use, it collapses to the size of a rolled up towel.

Allow your kiddos to enjoy a new point of view.  Just imagine your toddlers delight when they can see what you see, and can communicate with you easily.

Piggyback Rider Carrier

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