Wood Drill Rotary Files For Woodworking And Carving

These wood drill rotary files are the perfect addition to any screw gun. Slice and drill through wood like a pro!

Wood Drill Rotary Files Come In 5 Different Shapes

These rotary files come in five different shapes for any kind of woodwork or carving. Ball, oval, cylinder, large cone, and small cone shapes are uniquely tuned to the work you need to accomplish.

Each file is constructed from solid steel so that it cuts through wood like butter. Save time and effort.

The shank is 6.35 mm (1/4″) round, with each file at around 40-60 mm in length. Drill, carve, engrave, and slot wood with an expert touch.

These wood drill rotary files are an essential addition to any woodcutter’s tool box. Order now and save big while supplies last.

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