RAGPROPER Modern Glass Flask – The Difference You Can Taste

For all you people high in spirit, you’ve probably tried drinking day-old whiskey in your metal flask and most likely regretted it. We all know how cleaning our flasks is not only tedious but annoying as well. You don’t have to put up with this problem anymore! With the RAGPROPER Modern Glass Flask, you can say goodbye to your old, rusty metal and stainless steel flasks.

The RAGPROPER Modern Glass Flask not only prevents changes in the quality of your drink, but it’s also easier to clean and refill since you can see the contents from the outside. There is no risk of developing rusts and other stains since the manufacturers make the flasks with high-quality glass. And the best part? It’s spill and over-refill proof!

RAGPROPER Modern Glass Flask is Sleek, Convenient and Revolutionary

Gone are the old days of metal and stainless steel flasks. Glass flasks are what makes the spirit nowadays.

We offer two convenient sizes for our customers: the single shot 4oz and the longer lasting 8oz double-shot. Not only do we offer convenience in size, but we also provide two contemporary designs. You can choose either the classy and vintage leather texture or the smooth, more modern silicone feel. These two designs offer both an aesthetic appeal and a more secure grip as well.  Whichever you choose, either would look classy with you.

Glassy But Not Trashy RAGPROPER Modern Glass Flask

If you’re worried about breaking your glass flask, there’s really no need to. The RAGPROPER Modern Glass Flask manufacturers always use unbreakable, sturdy material. Their flasks can withstand minor falls with or without the flask covers. You can guarantee long-lasting flasks even during drunken nights when you tend you drop them all over the place.

This truly modern glass flask provides functional quality worth its price. You don’t have to worry about buying a new flask too often since this one is the sturdiest you’ll ever have.

RAGPROPER Modern Glass Flask Looks, Feels and Tastes Like It’s Straight Out the Bottle

With its modern and revolutionary state of the art funnel and lid design, this awesome flask can mimic the same physics a whiskey bottle has. It keeps our liquor safe, fresh, and strong in spirit even for prolonged periods. Unlike metal flasks that can alter the taste of your alcohol, you can count on our Modern Glass Flask in storing your drinks.

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