Smart Mattress Cover – Eight Sleep Tracker

The smart mattress cover made by Eight is the perfect addition to your bedroom for those who want a more complex sleeping environment.  It delivers a good night’s sleep by moderating the temperature for both sides of the bed while also giving you tons of nifty features.

The mobile app delivers full customization and gives you extremely useful data to help adjust your sleeping patterns.  It also has an alarm to wake you whenever you want.

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This smart mattress cover attaches to a mini device where all the magic happens

This mattress cover is easy to setup, all you have to do is cover your mattress with it and then attach it to the data unit that has all the internal gadgets built-in to control your cover.  It’s small and light weight which means it can pretty much go anywhere.

Eight Sleep Mattress – The best sleep you'll ever have

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eight smart mattress cover unit side
eight smart mattress cover unit

A purple light will come on when it’s activated which lets you know the magic is happening.  The unit is built in to your wifi and bluetooth controlled so it can control other smart devices that you integrate in with the mattress cover.

The smart mattress cover gives you the best night’s sleep

Since this device records your sleeping patterns and your body movements, it knows how to adjust itself to give you a better night’s sleep.  If you don’t feel comfortable with it setting up itself, you can always customize the way it functions throughout the night.

eight smart mattress cover featured

This mattress cover truly gives you a different experience when sleeping and it’s the perfect addition to make you warm or cold at night.  It’s truly an awesome product and an innovative sleeping device.



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