SoundPEATS Wireless Earbuds With Charging Box

SoundPEATS Wireless Earbuds are the newest change to the way we use headphones, headsets, and ear buds.  These two miniature ear plugs fit perfectly in your ear and have the comfort of absolutely no wires.

These pair of headphones have the ability to take calls also, so they completely replace headsets.  They even come with a nifty charging dock, making it rechargeable.

SoundPEATS fit in your ear perfectly and they don’t fall out easily

SoundPEATS are smaller than a coin so you know they are tiny.  They weight 5.3 grams, making them super light-weight and comfortable to wear all day.  They have a snug fit that is ergonomically fitting and makes it hard for it come out.

The fact that this product has no wires makes it extra interesting as well because of how comfortable it is to be free of a wire.  At the gym, it’s the perfect companion because you don’t need any cords.

SoundPEATS size
SoundPEATS steps

The SoundPEATS also have an amazing charging dock

The SoundPEATS are rechargeable and they come with this nifty charging dock that makes it easy for these to carry around and have with you on the go. Charge the dock on any usb charging port, it works flawlessly

The charging dock is one of the coolest features about this product because it looks cool and also compares to the Apple Airpods which are much more expensive. This definitely matches up there with top competitors in the headphone industry.

SoundPEATS charging doc
SoundPEATS bluetooth enabled


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