Sunrise Smart Pillow – Reinvents Your Alarm Clock And Sleep

The Sunrise Smart Pillow reinvents your alarm clock and sleep by creating beautiful lights and tracking your sleep patterns.  The lights wake you up when it’s time, all you have to do is set it up on their mobile app.

Waking up to a noisy alarm clock in the morning makes you feel terrible.  With the Sunrise Smart Pillow, the light gradually turns on, waking you up in the most natural way possible and it does it at the right time.

sunrise smart pillow side by side

The Sunrise Smart Pillow tracks all your sleep patterns and plays music/sounds to help you sleep better

With the app, you can track your sleep patterns and give yourself a better sleep by controlling light and sound to make you have a more comfortable sleep.  You can play sounds that help you get to sleep at night as well as sounds or music to wake you up in the morning.

Tracking your sleeping patterns is important because it knows when to adjust the light or music during your sleep to get the maximum REM time out of your sleep.  It will also help adjust the alarm in the right way to wake you up in the most natural way possible.
sunrise smart pillow app features

The lights in the Sunrise Smart Pillow are extremely strong

The lights can range from very dim to very bright and it also can change colors.  The light sets ambient mood setting and makes it the perfect lighting for your eyes in every scenario.

The Sunrise Smart Pillow has lights that can light the entire room or give you just enough light to read.  The LED lights are powerful and last very long.

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sunrise smart pillow


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