SuperMini Credit Card Charger: The PowerBank Of The Future

Power is everything nowadays and the SuperMini Credit Card Charger is the answer to most of our power problems. Especially the ‘size’ of that problem.

Imagine this scenario, you are attending an event where you can only bring a pouch or a small bag or nothing but your phone and some money. What happens if your battery runs low and you cannot charge with the powerbank that you left at home because of its size? Can you really function without your phone?

The SuperMini Credit Card Charger wants to make sure that you do not have to face that predicament. With features that are absolutely stunning and modern, you will not ask for more.

Get To Know The SuperMini Credit Card Charger

There are so many features that come with the SuperMini Credit Card Charger and every user would really understand why it is called the powerbank of the future.

Size matters

Size comparison

The size of this powerbank is that of a credit card, simple and easy. It can easily be placed on your pockets or on your purse. 


Small as it may be, it is more than its size. It comes with a 10,000 mega amperes and that makes it one of the most powerful in the world. 

SuperMini Credit Card Charger - Full Specs

This power limit comes from laboratory tests that showed the optimal power charge of the device but it will probably be developed to carry more in the future.

Delivery Efficiency

SuperMini Credit Card Charger

You can charge your phone with the 18W power delivery up to three times! This feature shows that it is not a one act kind of power bank and one full charge can be used many times.

You can save yourself from dead battery with the efficient way that it charges your device.

Sleek Design

SuperMini Credit Card Charger design

The function is not the only selling point that this power bank brings. It has a sleek design that comes in different colors for value and style. 

It can be bought in black, silver, and blue among others. The ombre feature is particularly a good sell point that makes it a good gift for millenials as well.

The SuperMini Credit Card Charger is the Future of Power Banks

This cool device is definitely the future of power banks. It is small. It is efficient. It offers more than what it was bought for. There is true value for money and that makes it such a good investment for one and all.


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