Solar Powered Charger With Suction Cups

Never run out of power outdoors again with this solar powered charger. The suction cups on these chargers will stick to any surface, absorbing sunlight and charging your device.

Solar Powered Charger Works For Both iPhone And Android

This device is perfect for any time you’re outdoors or on-the-go. Place the charger on a car window, wall, or on the ground where there’s sunlight and watch it charge both iPhones, Androids and other USB devices with ease.

The portability of this device makes it extremely convenient to take with you while traveling. You can be hundreds of miles from a wall outlet, in the middle of a desert and still able to charge your device!

This solar powered charger carries an 1800mah battery and can handle 120-240 volts. Its new design also features ABS materials for supreme durability and electrical insulation properties.

This device is an absolute lifesaver. Social media exposure has blown up its popularity in recent weeks, so be sure to grab yours now while supplies are in stock.

$79.99 $39.99

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