UPRIGHT GO – Fix Your Screen-slouch, Correct Your Posture

UPRIGHT GO is a one tap solution for better posture in just 2-3 weeks.  We spend hours at our computer or sitting down for work and it totally leads to bad back issues.

This device is a friendly reminder when your posture becomes incorrect.  Just stick between your shoulder blades and that’s it, it’ll start reminding you.

upright go posture fix

The technology used in UPRIGHT GO gives you the perfect alignment

When the UPRIGHT GO detects that your spine isn’t aligned correctly, it gives you a gentle nudge to let you know that your posture is not aligned correctly.  By sending you the signal, you remember to straight your back until the signal is gone.

This device prevents backache and muscular pain that gets tightened up when slouching on the computer.  It also strengthens your back and core muscles to prevent bad posture from happening more often.
upright go posture fix slouch

upright go posture fix diagram

The UPRIGHT GO is SO easy to use.

The three steps to using the UPRIGHT GO are so darn easy, anyone can use it.  All you have to do is turn it on, put it on and you start getting immediate posture feed back no matter where you are.
upright go posture fix process

upright go posture fix anywhere

The features for this device are amazing.  We know you might have had some concerns about certain applications of this device, but we can assure you it’s built solid.

It’s water resistant so sweat is not a problem while using it.  It also has a long lasting battery that can last up to 8 hours and 45 minutes on one charge. Don’t forget, it’s one size fits all.upright go posture fix features

To top it all off, the UPRIGHT GO has a tracking app

An app makes this device so much better because now you can actually track your posture and goals.  It is a very extensive app that has a lot of features and settings to help build better posture.
upright go posture fix app upright go posture fix gif


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