Wireless Phone Charger – MotherBox TRUE Wire/Pad Free Charging

Wireless phone charging has been in the market for a couple of years now, but all of them require you to place your phone on a pad.  That’s finally over with the MotherBox TRUE Wireless Phone Charger.

You heard right.  Your phone does not need to be plugged in or touching any surface.  MotherBox charges your phone through thin air.  The creators came out on IndieGogo, a Kickstarter-like site:

Perfectly built wireless phone charger, the size and portability makes it useful to our ever day lives

This wireless phone charger kind of looks like a soccer ball but is much smaller.  Its size makes it great for traveling and outdoor activities.

Motherbox Wireless Phone Charger

There are two sizes it comes in, the MotherBox and the MotherBox mini.  The larger one is approximately 6″ x 6″ x 6″ while the mini is 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 3.5″:


This wireless phone charger has an amazing receiver too

Applying the receiver to your phone is so easy and usable in almost any phone case.  The receiver is a thin card-link device that plugs into the bottom of your phone or mobile device and fits snugly inside your case.

The signal is great and it has ‘barrier free’ technology which means that it wont matter if there are objects between your phone and your MotherBox.  The signal will say strong.

You can also move pretty much anywhere around the MotherBox, so you don’t have to stand from an angle.  The signal is said to be pretty good from within a few feet.

Motherbox wireless phone charger range

MotherBox Wireless Phone Charger is made for groups of friends or family

Since 95% of the mobile devices around the world are either Android or iOS, it seems like MotherBox will be compatible with just about any mobile phone.  If it didn’t support both, one can’t imagine it would be as popular.

It also can charge multiple devices at once, simultaneously, so everyone can get some juice. Friends can crowd around it at the beach and have a social bonding time while charging their phones.




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