Free 3-In-1 Universal Mobile Camera Lens

This stunning 3-in-1 mobile camera lens set offers fish-eye, wide-angle, and macro lenses so that you can free the inner photographer within you. Comes in a convenient carrying case to hold all three lenses plus attachments.

Use the clip accessory of this mobile camera lens set to hold your cell phone steady in order to take clearer shots. Simply attach the clip and marvel at the difference in image quality.

A Mobile Camera Lens Set For Your Needs

The durable construction of each mobile camera lens resists wear and tear. Each lens also comes in five different color options to meet your style needs.

The complete set comes with all three lenses (fish-eye, wide-angle, macro) plus lens covers, clip, and carrying bag. Take it with you on vacation to capture the best, most artistic shots possible.

Redeem Your Mobile Camera Lens For Free!

Each mobile camera lens fits easily over the lens of your phone or tablet for a no-hassle setup. This is truly a gift for the mobile photographer, which you can redeem for free by visiting the site!

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