Aircon Watch Personal Air Conditioning System

You’re not going to believe this: the Aircon Watch is the world’s first watch that acts as a personal heater and air conditioner. Control your own body temperature, no matter what the climate conditions around you are.

The Aircon Watch is revolutionary technology

The Aircon Watch sends pulses of heat and cold to the area around the wrist containing various nerve receptors, fooling your brain into thinking it’s warmer or cooler than it actually is. Feel instant relief from the weather in minutes, without affecting anyone else.

Aircon Watch

This product was specifically designed to help women during menopause. Using the Aircon Watch will provide soothing relief from difficult hot flashes.

Aircon Watch

The Aircon Watch can be used for heating too

The Aircon Watch can be used to control body temperature in both outdoor and indoor settings. Perfect for those who like to bike or jog in the outdoors, or for office workers dealing with extreme heating or air conditioning systems.

Aircon Watch

This extraordinary device allows you to turn off your heater or air conditioner, reducing your carbon footprint and saving you money at the same time. Never have to worry about your temperature needs being at odds with others, with its personalized settings.

Aircon Watch



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