Anti Gravity Phone Case – Nano Stick

The Anti Gravity Phone Case is a case that is imbued with nano technology in order to make your phone stick to anything. It can really help you when you need to stick your phone somewhere so you can look at it, handsfree.

It sticks to a number of surfaces which makes it perfect for your daily life. There are plenty of times when we want to see our phones, but we need our hands to do other things.

The Anti Gravity Phone Case really sticks to practically any surface

The amount of surfaces that this phone case can stick to is shocking.  It can stick to metal, glass, ceramic tile, painted surfaces, wood and even a white board.  It’s fully loaded with compatibility across the board.

Even if the back of your case gets dirty, you can always wash the dust off to keep your phone extra sticky.  The case is 100% washable and will give you a clean feeling every time.

anti gravity case materials it can stick toanti gravity case wash

The Anti Gravity Phone Case is extremely affordable and matches up with any other case on the market

Our mobile phones need cases and normally we buy a generic one online, but this case is priced the same as most cases, but it also gives you the nano sticky feature.  The case protects your phone just as well as any other silicone case too.

These anti-gravity cases start at $9.99 which is absolutely affordable for anyone looking for a phone case.  This could make the perfect gift for practically anyone with a mobile phone.

anti gravity case glass wood tile wall
anti gravity case overview


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