Automower Robotic Lawn Mower (Husqvarna)

The Automower Robotic Lawn Mower made by Husqvarna is a self automated lawn mower that mows your lawn for you.  It’s robot intelligence and genius design make it perfect for keeping your lawn well kept.

Installation is easy and it can adjust to any lawn.  It handles rough terrain, step slopes and large and complex areas which make it the perfect lawn mower for pretty much any case.

automower robotic lawn mower - grass

The Automower Robotic Lawn Mower comes built with all the essentials for grade A grass cutting

With a very easy programmable interface, the automower runs on a scheduled time frame that you set.  It can also detect when your grass is fully cut so it will go back to it’s charging zone and load up.

The automower has 3 razor sharp pivoting blades that rotate and cut grass evenly for a healthy lawn each time.  It’s silent and emission free so it’s not a nuance when it’s running, even at night time.

automower robotic lawn mower - setting

This Automower is built for every day use and requires low maintenance

This device is a low maintenance machine and can cut up to 1/4 of an acre before having to be maintained. It can run under heavy and rough conditions which makes it perfect for unpredicted weather.



automower robotic lawn mower - featured


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