Paint Runner Pro – No Prep, No Mess, No Drip Paint Brush

Paint Runner Pro creates an even coat of paint no matter what by drawing paint from the inside of itself.  There are no paint pans or mess involved with painting anymore when you use this awesome product.

Simply pop the lid and start pouring the paint into the device and the paint will seep through and start coming out in an even coat.  The lid is sealed tight and the micro fiber paint brush gets your coat nice and even.

paint runner pro steps

The Paint Runner Pro has no drips, no spills and no mess

Knowing the right amount of paint is hard, but the Paint Runner Pro knows, thanks to it’s patented design.  It’s an awesome product that puts on a sweet full look when you paint.

Now you don’t have to worry about spilling paint pans, dripping and all the other mess involved with painting.  This is the new and best way to do it.

paint runner pro even coat

The Paint Runner Pro is very affordable

It used to be $49.99 on Amazon, but it has been slashed down to $39.99 making it very affordable.  Instead of wasting your time cleaning up a big mess, get one of these for a small price and use it many times over.

The paint brush is washable so you can just simply wash it out when you want to clean it.  Simply put it under some running water for a bit and scrub out the excess paint and your good to go.


paint runner pro package

$49.99 $39.99

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