Humane Mouse Trap by Catcha – Catch and Release Rodents, Safe

The Humane Mouse Trap by Catcha is the most humane way to catch mice, rodents, and other pests around the house. It’s easy to setup and extremely effective in getting that pesky rodent that’s been eating.

This Humane Mouse Trap is extremely safe for children and pets

This trap does not use any poison or glue so it’s perfect to have around the house if you’re worried about pets or children messing with it. When a mouse is caught, there is no need to touch the mouse, so you’ll stand clear of disease.

Touching mice can be a gross and dangerous thing, so this trap really helps solve that issue by enclosing it an full box, not allowing any germs to escape. It’s the perfect tool to have around your house to catch rodents.

humane mouse trap Dimensions
humane mouse trap humane mouse trap

The Humane Mouse Trap is very easy to setup and does not require much knowledge

Setting up the trap is extremely easy.  All you have to do is put some bait, such as peanut butter, in the end of the trap and load the spring door.  Once a rodent crawls in the door will automatically close and trap the rodent in it’s tracks.

The spring loaded door shuts very quickly so the mouse has no chance to get out.  Once in the device, there are breathing holes so the mouse won’t suffocate and you will be able to release it as you want.
humane mouse trap how it works


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