Tertill – The Solar Powered Weeding Robot for Home Gardens

Tertill is a solar powered weeding robot for home gardens that works just a like a Roomba, except for your outdoor garden.  It scans your garden daily for weeds and gets rid of them, keeping your garden safe and productive.

How does Tertill work?

Tertill works by sensing tall and short plants because it has a sensor on the top of it that lets it see whether or not the plant is small or short.  If the plant is short it is considered a weed, if it’s tall its not considered a weed.

Well that doesn’t sound right.  For all short plans that aren’t a weed, the Tertill comes with plant collars that will protect them from being cut down.  Once the plant is tall enough, you can remove the collar and the Tertill won’t touch it.

tertill gif

tertill diagram

The Tertill is complete so you hardly ever have to monitor it

The Tertill is solar powered so there’s no need to charge it, it can continue on it’s daily journey forever as long as there is sun to give it a charge.  It’s also waterproof making it immune to rain damage and other water damage that may occur.

It uses bluetooth to talk to your smart phone so you can control easier without any wires or fuss.  The best part, it’s chemical free so it doesn’t use any harmful chemicals to remove those nasty weeds.

tertill roomba

tertill features


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