Baby Bathtub Lounger Keeps Baby Calm And Relaxed

This baby bathtub lounger features a soft cushion that is designed to mimic a cradling position, so your baby stays calm and relaxed during a bath. Those having trouble with temperamental babies will find this a lifesaver.

Baby Bathtub Lounger Keeps Water Out Of The Ears

Your baby will stay supremely safe and comfortable with this unique lounger. It is comprised of a soft lycra fabric that adjust to your baby’s natural curves, keeping them comfortable.

The soft sides and deeply contoured design mimic a mother’s cradling position, reducing discomfort and putting the baby in a relaxed, calm state.

In addition, the cushion keeps your baby’s head clearly elevated. This prevents water from getting into their ears, keeping them safe.

Bathtub Baby 1

This lounger is the answer mothers have been waiting for, since they’ve been giving baby baths! Supplies are limited, so order while they are in stock.

$49.99 $29.99

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