Baby Grandma Costume

As Halloween gets closer and closer, we’re seeing some truly brilliant costumes out there made by some really creative people. But of all the genius costumes we’e seen so far, this might just be the absolute cutest!

Adorable Costume Turns Your Baby into Senior

Accelerate the aging process by turning your adorable tot into an old little spinster using these grandma baby costumes. The costumes include a set of glasses with a chain holder and a darling hat that you can combine with any outfit to create a unique look.

Your baby will enjoy the feeling of becoming one of the senior citizen elite in her Baby Grandma Costume.

Baby Grandma Costume

Cute Baby Grandma Costume is a Sure Hit for the Halloween

Your baby as a little “senior” will clearly win the big Halloween costume contest. Even though she’s young, she’s definitely set to be the big winner of the night. While some people will dress up as scary ghosts or skeletons, your adorable toddler has something that is totally brilliant!

Match it with an adorable yellow sweater with the large Peterpan collar to make her looks just like Aunty Ethel wears to get the early bird special on Sunday mornings. She will blend right in at the Senior Center or steal the show at the Halloween party this year.

Baby Grandma Costume

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