Space Invaders – From Classic Video Game to Awesome Board Game

Nothing beats a fun, interactive indoor game with all your friends and family on a rainy day. It works on sunny days too! We’re talking about Space Invaders. The video game might sound old and vintage, but fun with board games never ages. With the Space Invaders – The Board Game, there is never a dull moment with friends and family.

When you play Space Invaders – The Board Game, you get to relive the nostalgic theme of the old video game, as well as enjoy coming up with strategic moves to beat your opponents… All in one sitting!

Space Invaders combine strategy, fun and enjoyment for all ages

I remember playing Space Invaders when I was younger. To play it in the form of a board game sounds like a creative and an imaginative spin-off from a vintage video game of the past!

And it’s not just any kind of board game. You get to collect prizes and backer rewards as well. Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself!

Complex entertainment in the form of a simple Space Invaders board game

I was looking for a new, non-offensive board game that could keep me and my pals occupied and entertained for hours non-stop. A couple of minutes into the Space Invaders board game and we were hooked! It’s now my top pick these days.

The instructions are clear and pretty easy to follow. It’s the perfect board game to play with friends or family. You can play this during rainy days or sleepovers. We won’t judge you if you even play this during lunch break at work! Hopefully, you can enjoy the game before your break is over.

Get creative with Space Invaders: The Board Game

If you think the fun ends with the game itself, it doesn’t! It’s also customizable with a digital DIY version of the board game. It will be available for download to backers after their campaign ends.

With the DIY feature, you will be able to customize and create your own game pieces using our pre-made templates. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Get your own Space Invaders: The Board Game today and invade space with your friends and family!


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