Square Wave: The Mind-Bending Stress-Relieving Kinetic Spinner

Are you bored and in need of something to fidget with? Have you grown tired of the usual kinetic-based contraptions that are currently being sold in the market? We found something perfectly unique to keep you preoccupied for hours. Get hypnotized by the Square Wave.

The Square Wave is a stress-relieving kinetic spinner which is inspired by the Fibonacci-sequence. With its metallic look and unique spinning mechanic, this kinetic toy provides a mesmerizing experience.

Open Your Eyes with the Mind-bending Illusions of Square Wave

Through its unique structure and well-thought-out design, the Square Wave can produce optical illusions that are both fluid and hypnotic. As it gracefully spins, the 21 connected metal rods of this kinetic toy turn into pleasing eye candy.

The Square Wave Kinetic Toy that Represents Life Itself

It isn’t just any ordinary toy. The Square Wave heavily represents the Fibonacci sequence, the very basic structure of every living organism that exists in this world. The kinetic toy is precisely calibrated to provide you fluid and complex structures that can entertain anybody. With its natural forms and its usage of pure mathematic formulae, you can spin, twist or rotate this kinetically-inclined metal structure.

Hang the Square Wave Up for a Decorative Transformation

Think this would look good as décor in your home? You can actually attach the Hanger Pack add-on to the Square Wave to turn it into an accessory. Place it on the ceiling, wall, ceiling beams—everywhere!

Two types of thick cord and a few hooks are provided in the Hanger Pack. You can use these to set up your Square Wave and just leave it hanging.

The Square Wave is designed in the UK and manufactured in Italy, and it currently comes with three shiny and spectacular variants: metallic silver, eclipse bronze, and lunar gold. Each variant can produce mesmerizing reflections that can create more diversity with its optical illusions. Have fun with this quality, classy toy.


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