eHemco Amish Handcrafted Surprise Box – Hilarious Spider Prank

In the world of pranks, the secret to scaring people is by surprising them. What is more surprising than a big spider suddenly jumping on you? That’s exactly what the eHemco Amish Handcrafted Surprise Box is for.

You might not have the time to catch spiders and train them for the specific purpose of pranking people. eHemco has the next best thing–a wooden scare box with a hidden secret that can scare your targets, especially if they are afraid of spiders.

eHemco Amish Handcrafted Surprise Box is really easy to use

The surprise box looks like any other regular old box. If anybody tries to slide the cover open, the mechanical operation causes the rubber spider to dart out for a very special surprise.

You do not need to assemble it and it is not complicated to use, so it’s great for pranksters on the go. There won’t even be a need for elaborate prank plans, so you can get to pranking right away. All you need to do is to set it out. Curiosity will get the best of any passer-by, and if they try to open it… Surprise!

eHemco Amish Handcrafted Surprise Box with Spider


eHemco Amish Handcrafted Surprise Box can be customized

The wooden prank box comes unfinished, so you can decorate it any way you like to prank people better. This is an especially great feature for the more creative pranksters.

Do your family members have a sweet tooth? Make it look like a cookie box. Want to trick your co-workers? Design it so it looks like storage for small office supplies. Or you can leave it undecorated and just wait for curiosity to take over.

eHemco Amish Handcrafted Surprise Box is handmade

This surprise box is handcrafted by an Amish family in Indiana out of quality plywood. Your purchase will support small local businesses. Who knows, they might even make more handcrafted prank items in the future!


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